Effective Tax Planning

We believe educating our clients on the respective tax rules is as important as planning and compliance in and around their tax situation. There are few “gimmes” as it relates to tax rules and therefore planning is extremely important. Our planning process is a transparent and thoughtful process. It entails a carefulquestion-and-answer process designed to understand our client’s goals and pressure points and translate these into net cash savings. There is no silver bullet as it pertains to tax planning or no one-size-fits-all.

Our tax planning considers both short-term and long-term goals of our clients. These goals are linked; often times short-term gratification can get in the way of long-term strategies. Because of this our tax planning considers your long-term strategies as well.

There are a number of situations where tax planning is imperative. None are more important that those considered during a divestitures of business holdings. There are strategies to maximize after-tax dollars as it pertains to business divestitures. As is often times the result, both buyers and sellers are on opposite sides of the spectrum as it pertains to divestiture structures. Our capable team of tax specialists will help educate you on the most beneficial way to implement your exit strategy.

We don’t view tax planning as a one-time event during a year in fact we believe it is a constant process that should be readdressed at pivotal times during the year.

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Providing Continuity in your Tax Planning

As global competition continues to escalate for our business clients we find them concentrating more and more on efficiencies in their business. We maximize these efficiencies by providing continuity with respect to their specialist team. Our staffing platform has been built on retention and we believe our retention policies help us deliver our tax planning strategies in an efficient manner and with little interruption to our clients and their management teams. Our client relationships are built upon a long-term mission of respect and collaboration. We believe our continuity and retention benefits you in the following ways:

  1. Our clients develop long-term professional relationships with our staff and partners. This promotes trust and information sharing which are very valuable in a client service relationship.
  2. Our continuity project model eliminates the need or feeling that our clients are training our staff.

Our employee retention model is no accident. Our people are very important to us, as they have helped us grow into one of this county’s largest firms. We work hard but we also encourage our people to pursue their passions. When people don’t pursue their passions they become unhappy, when they become unhappy they leave, when they leave that impacts our clients. Our commitment to work-life balance translates to greater continuity and better overall service for you, our clients.

Managing the complexity in the current compliance environment

Though the one consistent factor in our daily lives is taxation, the details of this taxation differ greatly from year to year. A savvy taxpayer can benefit from being educated in advance on some of these changes. White Nelson Diehl Evans has the resources available to stay abreast and ahead of all tax rule changes, ensuring that your taxes are prepared in compliance with the latest regulations. We have extremely high confidence in the fact that we will deliver you an accurate deliverable in the most efficient manner possible.

One of the benefits of using a firm such as ours is the availability and deep resources we possess. Through our alliance with BDO Seidman, a national and international firm, we are able to provide the breath of resources that one would expect from a much larger firm. We are able to provide these resources in a value proposition that cannot be matched.


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Tax Planning Guide

At White Nelson Diehl Evans, we know how difficult it is to stay ahead of the complex and dynamic tax laws. From new standards changing revenue recognition rules to the impact of the Affordable Care Act, our goal is to help our clients stay in front of tax issues that impact your bottom line. To help in this effort, we have put together a comprehensive tax-planning guide and it’s available to download for free.

Partner Testimonial

“At WNDE, our tax practice philosophy is to be extremely proactive in client relationships. We encourage ongoing communication. We endeavor to provide sophisticated tax planning services and see it as our obligation to act as advocates for our clients. We are a “go to” resource for complex financial issues, and are always available on a real-time, as needed, basis. We partner with our clients to meet compliance requirements, positively impact the bottom line, and minimize taxes.”

Dave Krickl Tax Partner