Estate and Trust Planning and Preparation

Thoughtful estate and trust planning in advance gives you the ability to preserve your wealth and make sure it is passed on to your designated beneficiaries in the manner and amounts you chose rather than letting state probate courts decide for you.  Our estate and trust planning services focus on comprehensive analysis, design and implementation including:

  • Multi-generational estate planning
  • Lilfe insurance analysis
  • Family and charitable gifting
  • Business and exit strategies
  • Cash management and saving
  • College education funding
  • Discount analysis
What is the Legacy You Will Leave?

There are number of places that you can leave your money after you pass away. The most common being:

  • Beneficiaries (Children or Grandchildren)
  • Charities
  • Governments

All of our wealth transition strategies are designed to maximize the amount of wealth you pass to your children, grandchildren, and/or charities and minimize the amount paid to the IRS or probate. There are number of sound strategies that we rely on. Not all CPA firms have the expertise to effectively perform wealth, estate and trust planning. We believe we are uniquely qualified to provide you these advisory services in a market proven, value proposition. As in all of our services we educate our clients as it pertains to wealth, estate, and trust issues. As the saying goes “the only two certainties in life are death and taxes” - both should be planned for.

Securing the Essentials

There are number of essentials in and around wealth, estate and tax planning. Two of the most simple but often overlooked essentials are a will and a revocable living trust. Sometimes even the most simple situation should consider both of these items.

  • A will is a written document specifying the distribution of your wealth after you pass away. This will help sort out complex situations such as business relationships and distributions to your beneficiaries. Wouldn’t you like to know that your wealth went where you wanted to go when you passed away?
  • A revocable living trust is a legal document in which you, the grantor, name a trustee to administer this trust. Property you transfer into this revocable living trust will not go through the probate process. This will save you dollars as most states have standard probate fees. You can modify your revocable living trust until you die after which time this becomes irrevocable.

One of the benefits of securing services from a firm of our size is the access to the professionals we align with. We have access to some of the most gifted and bright estate teams available. Our wealth, estate, and trust advisory services are designed with your goals in mind. No stones are left unturned in this process. Whether it’s retaining wealth, passing it on to family, or charitable causes we have the expertise to match your desires.


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“With a 90 year heritage ourselves, we understand that ensuring sustainable, long-term wealth for future generations takes careful planning. At WNDE, we work hand-in-hand with our clients, and their team of advisors, to understand their needs and to create personalized estate and trust plans that turn their wishes into reality.”

Craig Spraker Audit Partner