Our Mission

White Nelson Diehl Evans LLP has been committed to providing the highest quality accounting, audit, tax and management advisory services for almost 90 years. We remain dedicated to maintaining friendly, professional relationships with our clients and our associates. Our motto is “Quality. Integrity. Balance.”, which reflects our philosophy of serving the public from our offices in Orange and San Diego Counties. Our efforts have allowed us to grow into the leading regional CPA firm in Southern California, supporting some of the area’s most successful private enterprises, nonprofit organizations and governmental entities.

Our mission encompasses a set of values that define who we are and what we do. Our core values are what make us stand out from our competitors, and have provided the foundation for our success:

  • Client Satisfaction: Our clients receive thorough and professional service attuned to their special needs.
  • Communication: We believe in constant communication and transparency with each of our clients.
  • Integrity: White Nelson Diehl Evans subscribes to the highest ethical standards of our industry.
  • Quality: We are proud of our reputation for the superior quality of our work and deliverables.
  • Work/Life Balance: We encourage our associates to balance work with time spent on personal interests.
Our History

In the early days of the 20th century, two visionary entrepreneurs launched the seeds of what was to grow into the preeminent independent accounting firm in Southern California. The underpinnings of White Nelson Diehl Evans are based on the expertise of the two founders’ businesses, with extensive experience in numerous industries, including distribution, manufacturing, and real estate. We are immensely proud that some of our original clients are still with us today. The parallels between our company’s growth and that of our clients is clear. Our firm and our clients grew in a highly competitive market that was rich in opportunity. We all succeeded and prospered through the application of steady, hard work that benefitted the entire community.

Along the way, we never lost sight of our core principles, and our commitment is as strong today as it was at our founding. The result is a large independent practice with offices in San Diego and Orange Counties serving thousands of clients every year. We grow in size and scope to match the needs of our clients. After all, the needs of our clients were the core of our founders’ visions, and to that end, we have built an exceptional practice staffed by the finest individuals.

Now into our fourth generation of leadership, White Nelson Diehl Evans still remains loyal to our founding principles of reliable service, consistency, technical proficiency and professional diligence. The business landscape of not just the Orange and San Diego Counties, but all of Southern California, has matured and evolved in dramatic ways since the days of our founding. But you need look no further than White Nelson Diehl Evans LLP to find a firm that has remained steadfast in its principles as it has adapted to the ever changing needs of our clients, our community and our profession.

Engaging Us Benefits You

The White Nelson Diehl Evans advantage is clear: We deliver to our clients the benefits of quality, expertise, experience and skill normally found in a national firm, yet we continue to provide the personal service and community values that are the hallmark of the best local firms. Our commitment is to offer the highest-quality tax, financial and advisory services to clients while providing a happy, satisfying environment where our associates can thrive.

Maintaining the positive environment for our staff and partners benefits you directly in terms of continuity. We have an above average retention rate, which means the people you see on the current engagement will return year after year to support your needs and develop an ongoing and successful relationship. Our team doesn’t have to relearn your particulars and you don’t have to train our people. You save time, money and resources. We earn our clients’ trust.

Clients benefit many ways from engaging with White Nelson Diehl Evans:

  • We deliver high-quality work products in the agreed time frame.
  • We interact professionally and conduct ourselves with the utmost respect for our clients.
  • We respond to clients promptly, be it a phone call, email or correspondence. Even if the answer requires lengthy research, we always acknowledge receipt of the communication right away.
  • We provide you a realistic estimate for a full response or resolution from us.
  • We are always available to provide planning and advisory services for you and your enterprise.
  • We commit the full weight of our firm’s resources and network of associates to any issues for which you need assistance.

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Tax Planning Guide

At White Nelson Diehl Evans, we know how difficult it is to stay ahead of the complex and dynamic tax laws. From new standards changing revenue recognition rules to the impact of the Affordable Care Act, our goal is to help our clients stay in front of tax issues that impact your bottom line. To help in this effort, we have put together a comprehensive tax-planning guide and it’s available to download for free.

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Partner Testimonial

“At White Nelson Diehl Evans, we are proud of our 90 year heritage serving privately-held businesses, nonprofit organizations, and governmental entities throughout Southern California. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing high quality audit, tax and advisory services that help our clients meet compliance requirements, improve operations, and maximize net after tax returns.”

Dave Doran Managing Partner & Audit Partner