San Diego

Our office in San Diego County helps us extend our services to all of Southern California. Our location address is:

2965 Roosevelt Street
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Phone: (760)-729-2343
Fax: (760)-729-2234

Benefit from Your Best Accounting Resource in San Diego County

To maintain and grow your enterprise, you need the services of the top regional CPA firm in San Diego County, White Nelson Diehl Evans. We help you manage the demands of a dynamic accounting standards environment as it rapidly evolves in the U.S. and internationally. New rules, such as those for recognizing revenue, handling leases and accounting for acquisitions require strategic decisions that can significantly impact your accounting practices. Whatever your industry, we have the depth of knowledge to fulfill your needs with expertise, professionalism and friendly service.


In today’s dynamic economic environment, businesses are continually exposed to new trends and pivotal events. You can depend on the San Diego offices of White Nelson Diehl Evans for comprehensive audit and financial accounting services to effectively manage your enterprise, identify and solve problems, root out fraud and meet your statutory reporting requirements. We also provide top-quality ERISA compliance services that save you money and keep you a step ahead of potential issues.


Tax laws grow more complex every year. Our San Diego offices are committed to providing you the latest guidance on ways to minimize your tax obligations, meet your compliance requirements and avoid costly, potentially expensive mistakes. Our policy of meticulous pre-planning and constant communication assures you of minimal disruption to your enterprise.

Advisory Services

The world is constantly changing and your business must change along with it. Whether it is new regulations, political/economic events, new technologies or industry developments, White Nelson Diehl Evans can help you evolve and succeed. We handle a vast variety of advisory needs, including budget development, due diligence for M&A, cash flow optimization, improved supply chain functionality and enhanced internal control.

Having held offices in the county for over 40 years, White Nelson Diehl Evans has been committed to the San Diego marketplace for decades. Our firm understands, and is part of, the unique culture that is native to San Diego. We have served privately held businesses, nonprofit organizations, and governmental entities throughout the county since the 1960s. As the local economy has developed in size and industry diversity, so too has our firm. Today, we are positioned to deliver the sophisticated tax and accounting services that is demanded by the robust San Diego County marketplace.

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