Orange County

Our office in Orange County provides service to the Los Angeles area and to all of Southern California. Our Orange County office locations is:

2875 Michelle Drive, Suite 300
Irvine, California 92606
Phone: (714)-978-1300
Fax: (714)-978-7893

Committing to Making Orange County Businesses More Successful

As the leading regional CPA firm in Southern California, White Nelson Diehl Evans is keenly aware of our role as advocates to our clients and our responsibility to provide trustworthy leadership that helps them achieve success. While our offices are local, our approach is global because laws, standards and events worldwide affect best practices here in California. As the eighth largest economy in the world, California reflects that change is accelerating, accounting standards are merging, and governmental requirements for transparency are becoming more strident. We devote our practice to leveraging change and putting our clients ahead of the curve.


The rapid evolution of auditing and accounting matters continues to create greater challenges for entrepreneurs and corporate finance executives. Meeting financial reporting requirements is essential to maintain strong banking relationships, stakeholder reporting and decision-making. It is more important than ever to have a CPA firm that provides the right guidance in an efficient and timely manner. When financial reporting is not accurate or is outdated, making key management decisions becomes challenging and that affects financial performance and results. A strong audit team identifies key areas for improvement or focus, insures internal controls are strong and that critical management operational activities are generating desired results.

Our auditing practice emphasizes timeliness in reporting, continuity in the audit team to streamline the audit process from year to year and professional communications to keep our clients informed of all potential problems as soon as they are discovered.


With nearly 75,000 pages in the US tax code, it’s no wonder business owners are challenged to meet compliance standards and adjust to the shifting tax landscape. White Nelson Diehl Evans tax specialist are highly trained and stay ahead of tax changes so you don’t have to through regular strategic planning that addresses new or pending tax codes changes as they relate to your business or industry. Our job is to minimize your tax obligations while meeting all compliance requirements. Disputes between taxpayers and tax administrators are becoming more frequent as tax laws increase in sophistication. Different jurisdictions must rationalize cross-pressures to collect more money while also attracting new and existing companies. Our tax practice is your key to navigating today’s choppy waters confidently.

Advisory Services

The right advisory services propel your business results forward, improve your bottom line and increase enterprise value. White Nelson Diehl Evans Advisory Services help you replace uncertainty with clarity. We help you translate strategy into reality by providing the information you need to make sound decisions based upon objective criteria. In the process, we reduce your risk exposures and help you quantify the benefits of your preferred strategies.

White Nelson Diehl Evans has been part of the fabric of Orange County for 90 years. Our firm grew up with Orange County, and the greater Los Angeles area, having served privately held businesses, nonprofit organizations, and governmental entities throughout the region since the 1920s. As the local economy developed in size and diversity, we have continued to grow to meet the needs of our clients. Today, we are positioned to deliver the sophisticated tax and accounting services that is demanded by the robust Southern California marketplace.

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