WNDE Team Building Event: Duffy Boat Scavenger Hunt

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WNDE team building pirate event
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WNDE Team Building Event

Eleven WNDE partners and 57 staff members participated in the Duffy Boat Scavenger Hunt, a team-building event sponsored by the firm. The group was divided into nine teams and did a scavenger hunt in Duffy boats in Newport Harbor.  Each team was given a list of questions for the hunt; the teams that answered the most correctly got a prize.

One team was a “pirate” boat.”  The other teams were  given a warning to “beware of pirates,” and given five riddles they needed to solvebefore the pirates caught up with them.  If they could answer three of five riddles correctly, they were safe.  If not, they had to surrender their flag.

The summer event mixed up participants by department, location and level of position in the firm.  All enjoyed dinner and drinks at a local restaurant afterward.  Participant Kate Phelps said, “It was a lot of fun, and we were lucky to have nice weather.”

WNDE team building group phoot

wnde team building group on boat

wnde team building flags

wnde team building view on water







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