WNDE Partner Mark von Rotz and the Orange County Walk to Remember

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WNDE Partner Mark von Rotz and the Orange County Walk to Remember, sponsored by WNDE, were featured in the September 21, 2016 Orange County Register/Orange City News.

In 2004, when an ultrasound revealed the heartbreaking news that their newborn son Joseph had not developed a brain, Mark von Rotz and his wife Kristyn were devastated.  Shortly after learning the news, Joseph died in their arms. Determined to ensure twalk to remember joseph thomas von rotzhat new parents had a strong support system to deal with the loss of a child, Kristyn co-founded the OC Walk to Remember which has grown from 100 to 4000 strong.

The Orange City News article reflects an inspirational story of parents who turned a tragedy into a support system to help grieving parents come together.   Click to read the full article.


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