WNDE Named to INSIDE Public Accounting’s IPA 200 List

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National magazine INSIDE Public Accounting (IPA) has named White Nelson Diehl Evans LLP (WNDE) #158 on its IPA 200 list of the country’s top accounting firms. Notable in the survey is that many of the IPA 200 firms, like WNDE, had been involved with mergers in recent years, and have derived a significant portion of their revenues from services outside of accounting firms’ traditional tax and audit services.

“We are pleased to have grown to a point where we are able to offer a diversity of services that better enables us to serve our clients,” remarked Dave Doran, Managing Partner. “We’re excited that our efforts have been recognized by inclusion on the IPA 200 list, and look forward to continuing to look for new ways we may better serve our clients.”

INSIDE Public Accounting is a publication owned by The Platt Group in Indianapolis, and assists accounting firms nationwide in growing their businesses. Mike Platt, principal of The Platt Group, notes that competition between accounting firms has grown significantly in recent years, necessitating that successful firms constantly reassess what services they offer to best serve their clients. He added, “Successful firms need to continually demonstrate to clients that they are offering valued services, and not merely a competitive price.”

He continued, “Accounting firms’ traditional services of tax and audit don’t have the highest value in the eyes of their clients. Instead they are asking, ‘How can I grow my business? How can I set myself apart?’”

Decades ago, a typical accounting firm’s marketing plan involved “answering the phone,” he said. Today, with fierce competition, firms have consolidated and grown to attract new talent, offer additional services, and “develop a bigger footprint in the region and in the country.”

Inclusion as #158 in the IPA 200 list is an indication that WNDE is headed in the right direction professionally, he added, “and is developing the services it needs to be successful in the marketplace.”

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