WNDE Expands Advisory Services with Cybersecurity Offering

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WNDE Expands Advisory Services with Cybersecurity Offering

White Nelson Diehl Evans is pleased to announce that we have expanded our advisory practice to include cybersecurity consulting services.  Building on a fifteen year information technology services relationship between WNDE and EnhancedTech, we are proud to introduce our strategic alliance with DarkHound Security (“DHS”).

Due to growing concerns surrounding critical information and fueled by California’s recent push to add regulatory compliance requirements (AB-375), DHS is a cybersecurity, risk management service that specializes in security audits, in-depth network and application defense, and security training.  WNDE and DHS offer a comprehensive set of cybersecurity assessment, implementation and monitoring services.

Are Security Concerns Keeping You up at Night?

The business of doing business isn’t your only headache.  Cybersecurity threats continue to escalate and can take a huge financial toll on businesses that suffer a data breach.  Today, your organization is constantly at risk to both internal and external threats. Cost-effectively managing and mitigating these risks must be a priority. Considering everything from financial information to intellectual property and customer communications, how much is the integrity of your data worth?  Not only must this information be protected from accidental loss through unexpected system failures, but it must also be protected from the threats of hackers, malware, and bad actors with ill intent. Even as defensive measures improve, attackers quickly evolve to evade them in a constantly shifting battle. Understanding what is being exploited and how to defend against it is the first step toward fully utilizing the defensive technologies available to you.

A Different Approach

DHS provides a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity consulting services that will help protect clients from the challenges and threats they face every day. Combining over 30 years of experience, certified technical professionals and network security engineers, alongside CPAs with AICPA cybersecurity certifications and IT audit experience, WNDE and DHS will help minimize cybersecurity risk and make sure you pass your IT compliance audit. Our comprehensive, independent assessments go well beyond simple automated vulnerability scanning, to provide the robust defense and in-depth strategic recommendations needed to address current and emerging threats.


  • Assess Vulnerabilities & Determine Compliance
    We will evaluate your network and policies for weakness and assess whether your technical and privacy controls meet relevant compliance requirements.
  • Recommendations & Implementation
    After assessment, we will discuss our findings with you and determine the proper course of action to shore up and mitigate potential future data breaches.
  • Incident Response Plans
    While doing all you can to minimize the consequences of a data loss, let our security expert’s help you build the right incident response plan and policies to deal with future data breaches or cyberattacks.
  • Monitoring & Managed Security Services
    Reduce your risk, mitigate increasing threats and maintain compliance with our complete suite of information security management solutions and services, including continuous security monitoring, threat intelligence, intrusion management, and training.

Paul Wartenberg, Chief Security Officer stated, “We are honored to partner with a firm of the reputation and high level of integrity of WNDE.  With current and emerging regulations impacting all businesses, it is important that organizations be well prepared. WNDE’s forward-thinking strategy and high-level commitment to their clients aligns well with our services and approach.”

“Our commitment to ensuring the security and integrity of our client’s data is of upmost importance.  Therefore, we are excited to offer additional cybersecurity advisory and consulting services to our clients,” said Paul Treinen WNDE’s Managing Partner.

WNDE and DHS can assess the security of your systems and advise you on necessary improvements. Using client-focused practices and methodologies, we help organizations with actionable knowledge about emerging information-security threats and regulatory mandates, then help select and deploy technologies designed to minimize risk and align with your core business strategies.

Our expertise with audit standards and requirements, combined with proven business knowledge across a number of key industry verticals, enables us to support information security or compliance initiatives your company may have-now or in the future.

To discuss your potential vulnerability and risk, or request a cybersecurity readiness consultation with WNDE’s cybersecurity advisory group, please email us today at [email protected]

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