WNDE Amazing Race

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30 WNDE employees (ranging from Partner to staff, tax/audit and admin) participated in an “amazing race” team-bonding activity near the Huntington Beach Pier/Main Street on July 12th. We were split into 5 random teams with 5 partners as the team captains. Each team was provided a tablet and an envelope of various decoding puzzles, word searches and clues to solve. We were tasked solve the puzzles and record ourselves on the tablet performing task at hand (I.e. act out a zombie attack in a parking lot). In addition, there were several landmark Huntington Beach photos in the envelope. We were tasked with finding the landmark and recording a 10 second video acting out a Hollywood movie. All of the videos were tallied and scored at the end when we all reconvened. Each person from the winning team received a $20 Starbucks gift card! The activity definitely pushed some out of their comfort zone, but overall, I think everyone had a great time bonding with their co-workers. After we were done with the activity, we headed to Huntington Beach Brewing Company for refreshments.  

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