Shortcuts, Silver Bullets & Business Planning

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As your year comes to a close, ask yourself, “Is my company just getting by, or it is getting better?” Consider “Are we just surviving, maybe even growing, or are we truly getting better at what we do?” “Are we repeating mistakes and spinning our wheels?” “Are we still learning year 2 lessons in year 10?” If so, something is wrong. While business planning isn’t a panacea, it certainly is one reliable way to help your company mature and improve as it grows.

As owners and executives of closely-held companies, we have all engaged in business planning and goal setting that has failed to deliver. All too often planning approaches are too complex to implement on a day to day basis or are too general to drive real action. As a result, the business owner tires of the planning process and moves on in search of shortcuts, silver bullets and magical formulas. The problem is that these shortcuts simply do not exist in the real world. Good companies know this and after much trial and error, have discovered that a laser like focus on their specific business fundamentals is the key to driving meaningful and profitable growth. Those fundamentals are what MAP Consulting calls “Vital Factors” (based on the book by the same name) or the critical component parts of a business. MAP, one of the nation’s leading management consulting firms, believes that when performance is measured, performance improves: When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.

Vital Factors is a proven, easy-to-implement management system that can help every company improve its performance, execution and profitability. The Vital Factors program gives companies and individuals a detailed blueprint for success based on their unique situation, showing them how to clearly define their mission, values, and strategic goals, as well as how to achieve them on a consistent basis. When you have a moment, consider the past planning and management systems that your company attempted to employ in pursuit of growth. Then ponder whether it is time to try something different.

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