Partner Profile – Daphnie Munoz

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A knowledgeable professional, Daphnie Munoz, CPA has been with White Nelson Diehl Evans LLP since 1998. Three years after joining the firm, she earned her CPA designation. After 13 years of devoted service to WNDE, Daphnie was welcomed into the firm’s leadership group in 2011. 

“I love working at WNDE because of the flexibility I have to balance my work life and home life,” said Daphnie. “I also enjoy the people at WNDE, and the culture is great.”

As an Audit and Assurance Partner, Daphnie’s primary focus is on government entities. She works with clients to provide thorough attestation services, including A-133 single audits. Additionally, she has extensive experience with a wide range of local government audit engagements. Her clients in this area have included cities, successor/redevelopment agencies, , and special districts. She regularly completes compliance audits, agreed-upon procedures engagements, and more. 

Born and raised in the Philippines, Daphnie came to the United States when she was 20. Her original plan was not to pursue accounting. “I was going to go to law school,” she explained. “I took accounting as an undergraduate course in case law school didn’t work out, and I ended up making a career out of it!”

Daphnie ascribes to the model that “if you have nothing nice to say, you shouldn’t say anything at all.” This has helped her form strong relationships throughout her life, both professionally and personally. When asked what superpower she would choose, if she could pick only one, she said that she would like to be able to fly. 

Outside the office, Daphnie’s time revolves around her family. “I still have small kids—two boys, ages nine and ten—and that takes up most of my time.” Daphnie, her husband, and her children currently live in Fullerton. 

When she does find some time to herself, Daphnie enjoys watching TV (her current favorite show is Longmire) and listening to music. She’s into new country and is a long-time fan of Green Day. “I like all songs by Green Day,” she says. Additionally, Daphnie and her family enjoy taking weekend trips. During the summer, they particularly like going to the river. “It’s our home away from home.”

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