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Christina Wenk CPA CFE MST Profile
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An integral member of the firm’s partner group, Christina Wenk, CPA, CFE, MST has been with White Nelson Diehl Evans LLP (WNDE) since 2007. When she joined the firm, she brought with her over a decade of valuable industry experience. She is a certified public accountant, holds a Master of Science in Taxation, and is a certified fraud examiner. 

“I love working at WNDE because it feels like family. Everyone is so nice and cares about each other so much,” said Christina. “I also enjoy the tax work itself and assisting clients with their tax returns and financial goals.”

As Tax and Advisory Services Partner, Christina manages a client base consisting primarily of partnerships, limited liability companies, s-corporations, trusts, not-for-profit organizations and high net worth individuals. Her responsibilities include tax planning, workflow management, preparation and review of income tax returns, and assistance in all financial aspects of her clients’ businesses/organizations.

Born in Pasadena and raised in Anaheim, Christina is a Californian through-and-through. She studied at California State University – Fullerton, earning a Bachelor of Art in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting in 1998 and graduating with high honors. A decade later, she returned to her alma mater, earning a Master of Science in Taxation in 2008. Christina currently lives in San Clemente, which she loves for its beach atmosphere. 

In her daily client service, Christina explains, “I try to help wherever I can as much as I can, not thinking about what I can get, just what I can give.  I return calls the same day and emails by the next day. I try to listen more than talk and give everyone a good deal for the services provided. I am always thinking win-win.” 

Christina was inspired to pursue a career in accounting by a close family member. “My dad was an accountant. I was very good at math as a child. I knew my times tables as far back as I can remember. When I took an accounting class, I realized accounting is unique and that not everybody could do it,” she explains. “I wanted to be able to support myself, and law school seemed like it would take too long. Plus, I have always liked counting money. I know money is not important, in the grand scheme of life, but I still find it fun. I try to save as much as I can and watch it multiply—I’m a true accountant at heart.”

An active member of the accounting community, Christina is currently affiliated with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (since 2001), the California Society of CPAs (since 2002), and the Certified Fraud Examiners (since 2011). 

Outside of the office, much of Christina’s time is devoted to her family. “I am married to my wife, Tabatha, who I love and adore. I have two adult step children, Chayden and Gavin. I have two twin children, aged seven, Willow and Milo. Willow is on pre-team in gymnastics; Milo is a brown belt in taekwondo. I love to watch every move they make in their lessons. It is very rewarding to me. I also like talking with them and watching them grow up—which is all they seem to do, all on their own with very little help from me!”

In addition to spending time with her family, Christina pursues several hobbies, including indoor cycling, boxing with a trainer, going to the gym, and listening to motivational speakers. “I do not listen to music much—I listen to motivational speakers on CD, such as Jim Rohn, Matt Furey, Zig Ziglar, and Brian Tracy.” Christina also enjoys traveling. “So far, my favorite place to travel is Maui, Hawaii. I also like Las Vegas. I have not traveled much yet, but I plan to when I retire. I also want to take my children on at least one vacation a year away from home.”

One pastime that Christina strives not to pursue is watching television. “I feel television is not a good use of my time. I don’t tend to watch it, with the exception of a little news and politics,” she explains. “I feel I earn about $40,000 extra a year by not watching television. Instead, I use the time for more productive activities, such as learning.”

Christina has two favorite quotes: “Second place is the first loser” and “Change does not happen to you. You must go to it.” She describes herself as “old school” and explains that “everyone is babied a little too much these days (including my own children and myself sometimes). It prevents us from reaching our full potential.” These quotes remind her to work harder, learn more, and dig deeper. 

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