Committed to Serving Nonprofits

White Nelson Diehl Evans has a long, distinguished history of providing advisory services to nonprofit organizations. A substantial portion of our practice is dedicated to the needs of nonprofits throughout Southern California. We are a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ Audit Quality Center, demonstrating our commitment to provide the highest quality advisory, audit and compliance services. Moreover, as members of the BDO Alliance, we have access to the resources of BDO’s Institute for Nonprofit Excellence. The Institute is dedicated to fulfilling the requirements of the nonprofit sector. We collaborate with other Alliance firms to create practical, innovative accounting solutions for nonprofit organizations.

Additionally, we are a founding co-sponsor of the Nonprofit Management Forum, which hosts periodic gathering where senior nonprofit executives and leading experts meet to discuss nonprofit management issues. Our firm understands the special needs of nonprofits. We have unparalleled experience performing audits for nonprofits and preparing IRS Form 990. You can depend on our expertise, especially with regard to the section of Form 990 dedicated to management, governance and disclosure issues. We are extremely knowledgeable about the Internal Revenue Service’s governance papers that detail the best practices for nonprofit organizations.

Protecting Your Reputation

As the number of nonprofit organizations proliferate across the nation, so has the number of IRS audits aimed at exploring nonprofit governance issues. In addition to heightened scrutiny from the IRS, nonprofits face the demands for accountability from donors, the legislature and the public. A bad press story can ruin the reputation of a nonprofit organization, discouraging its fundraising experts and challenging the integrity of executives and directors. White Nelson Diehl Evans is acutely sensitive to the risks that nonprofits face, and can help in a number of ways:

  • We can help prevent and identify attempts to defraud nonprofit organizations, the most common crime you will experience. Your nonprofit might be threatened by mismanagement, forgery or embezzlement. Our audit and advisory services provide important steps to reduce these risks.
  • You may encounter significant tax liabilities if you fail to comply with the IRS guidelines for nonprofits. Our advisory and audit services ensure compliance with all regulations.
  • Management wrongdoing or negligence can have a profoundly negative effect on your ability to fundraise and stewardship of existing donors. We design internal controls and reporting systems to lower these risks.
  • The IRS can revoke your tax-exempt status for a number of reasons, effectively putting your organization out of business. We ensure that your organization’s management, structure and oversight activities meet all applicable IRS guidelines.
  • Your access to grants and funding can be severed if you fail to comply with all relevant rules. White Nelson Diehl Evans is your protection against noncompliance.
  • Ultimately, your organization has an important mission that you want to achieve, a desire shared by our accounting firm.

With so much at stake, White Nelson Diehl Evans plays a critical role to keep your nonprofit in compliance and your executives well-informed.

Complete Roster of Services

With a dedicated nonprofit practice, White Nelson Diehl Evans LLP is committed to meet all of the accounting and advisory needs of your nonprofit organization without sacrificing a personal touch. Our roster of services maintains your compliance with federal and state regulations, but also provides support for all your unique needs. Our audits reassure potential donors who condition their donations on audited financial statements. These statements let donors know that your organization’s funds are being spent appropriately. We have a wealth of experience auditing all types and sizes of nonprofit organizations. The expertise from your nonprofit team gives you the skills and confidence you need to help you achieve your goals.

Our nonprofit advisory services include:

  • Financial audits applying government auditing standards (Single Audit / A-133)
  • Compliance and program specific audits
  • Form 990 preparation and compliance
  • Agreed-upon procedures engagements
  • Budget preparation and analysis
  • Cash flow forecasts and projections
  • Fraud studies, fraud prevention and detection
  • Internal controls studies
  • 403(b) pension plan/ ERISA audits

An example of a nonprofit-specific advisory service is Form 990 preparation. It is best to entrust this task to a CPA firm with a large, established nonprofit practice like White Nelson Diehl Evans, because we understand many of the nuances that help maintain your organization in compliance. We prepare Form 990 in a “donor-friendly” way that allows you to use it as a fundraising tool. We understand the optimal way to complete Schedule A to meet the public support test. You also benefit from our expertise regarding unrelated business income tax exemptions that relieve you of tax obligations.


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Effective Audit Committees Guide

From large multi-million dollar foundations to smaller community-based nonprofits, the experienced professionals at White Nelson Diehl Evans have created a free nonprofit guide available for download. This extensive guide was created to provide detailed recommendations, guidelines and specifications as to the roles and responsibility of an audit committee no matter the size of an organization.

Partner Testimonial

“Our firm holds a longstanding commitment to serving the nonprofit sector, largely because it is an honor to work with the many wonderful organizations in this field. We enjoy working with nonprofit professionals and are deeply impressed by their commitment to serve. Understanding financial constraints, we strive to provide value in delivering audit, tax and advisory services that have a positive impact on the delivery of an organization’s mission critical services.”

Dave Doran Managing Partner & Audit Partner​