walk to remember von rotz

WNDE Partner Mark von Rotz and the Orange County Walk to Remember


WNDE Partner Mark von Rotz and the Orange County Walk to Remember, sponsored by WNDE, were featured in the September 21, 2016 Orange County Register/Orange City News. In 2004, when an ultrasound revealed the heartbreaking news that their newborn son Joseph had not developed a brain, Mark von...

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how will the size of your workforce affect your business

ACA & Employers: How the Size of Your Workforce Affects Your Responsibilities


Two parts of the Affordable Care Act are relevant only to applicable large employers (ALEs). These are the employer shared responsibility provisions and the employer information reporting provisions for offers of minimum essential coverage.   Whether an employer is an ALE is determined each...

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vector image graduation cap on pile of moeny

Tax Savings from Higher Education Costs


Money you paid for higher education in 2015 can mean tax savings in 2016. If you, your spouse or your dependent took post-high school coursework last year, there may be a tax credit or deduction for you. Here are some facts from the IRS about key tax breaks for higher education. The American...

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summer tax suprise

Check Your Tax Withholding this Summer to Prevent a Tax-Time Surprise


Each year, many people get a larger refund than they expect. Some find they owe a lot more tax than they thought they would. If this has happened to you, review your situation to prevent a tax surprise. Did you marry? Have a child? Change in income? Life events can have a major impact on your...

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james murrey profile spotlight

Manager Profile: James Murrey


James Murrey is a Tax Manager, overseeing engagements and reviewing various types of income tax returns including partnerships, s-corporations, c-corporations, individuals and trusts.  He also works with the audit team, preparing and reviewing deferred tax calculations (FAS 109). He serves...

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