WNDE 2011-12 Tax Planning Guide Available Online

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There have not been many changes in Washington this year in terms of politics. Political gridlock continues and because of this there have been few changes to the tax system itself. There has been talk of raising income tax rates, but no action as of now. The U.S. economic outlook for growth is modest at best, depending to whom you listen. The stock market continues its unpredictable nature – good one day, bad the next.

With this said, proactive tax planning is more important than ever. At White Nelson Diehl Evans, we pride ourselves on our ability to work collaboratively with our clients to achieve their desired goals. Our services are based on our firm principles of quality, integrity, and balance.

As always, our commitment to our clients, friends, and business partners is steadfast. We will commit our resources to providing you with effective tax planning and solutions in an expeditious manner. We encourage you to look through our planning guide and make notes on deductions, credits and other tax-saving strategies you believe could benefit you or your enterprise.

An electronic version of this Tax Guide can be found at the following link:

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