Updates to WNDE Online Tax Planning Guide

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Dear Clients:

To help you stay abreast of tax developments that might affect you, we’ve recently updated our online tax planning guide to include various limits, rates and other numbers that apply in 2014, such as:

• 2014 income tax brackets
• 2014 phaseout ranges for certain family and education tax breaks
• 2014 retirement plan contribution limits
• 2014 gift and estate tax exemptions

The updated guide also notes which breaks expired at the end of 2013 — though some may be extended.

The guide still includes limits, rates and other numbers and information that apply to 2013, so you can continue to consult it as you work with your tax advisor on filing your 2013 tax return.

We suggest that you review our Web Tax Guide for 2013, which provides valuable information that can help you save tax when filing your 2013 return and implement effective tax planning strategies in 2014.

If you have any questions about the updates or how they might affect your tax planning strategies, please contact your White Nelson Diehl Evans tax professional.

Best regards,

White Nelson Diehl Evans LLP

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