New Hires: A Year of Growth for WNDE

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new hires at white nelson diehl evans 2016
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It has been a year of growth for White Nelson Diehl Evans.  Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our talent acquisition manager, and all of the contributing staff and partners — we created new positions, brought on full-time associates and filled manager roles with highly skilled individuals.  We are very excited about our new employees who have joined our firm and who have become an integral part of the WNDE family in 2016!


Left to right- back row:

Eric Blau, (tax senior) CSUF; Donnie Parker (audit junior) University of Texas, El Paso; Brady Shea (audit junior) Gonzaga University; Farhan Kolsy (tax junior) CSUF; Stanley Huang (audit junior) CSUF

Left to right – middle row: 

Michon Downs (tax senior) CSULB; Olivia Yu (audit junior) UCI

Left to right – bottom row:

Samantha Elpern (tax junior) UC Santa Cruz;  Sunny Ho (tax junior) Chapman University; Sandra Hague (talent acquisition manager) Chapman University;  Michelle Bishop (bookkeeper) Cypress College


Not pictured: Rebecca Crowe (financial proofreader), David B. Moya (tax senior manager), Kyle Nicholson (audit senior), Victoria Shaw (bookkeeper), Rex Vollmer (audit senior manager)

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